JNU student union president Kanhaiya Kumar's on March 3, 2016 gave a fiery speech "Azadi", which made him a household name. The speech vent viral and the anti-national debate and recent JNU controversy became the discussion everywhere. It got both positive as well as negative response across the country.

Using Kanhaiya's popularity to grab eye-balls, the travel company Yatra released an ad- a spoof on Kanhaiya's Azadi speech, connecting it with the airlines check-in preferences. You might like it or hate it, but the parody is pretty well executed and the actor mimicking Kanhaiya Kumar is absolutely spot on. The video has already gone viral. Watch it here:

A few months back Pepsi had allegedly spoofed the Pune IIFT row and their "Pepsi thi pee gaya" act rather got much negative feedback. However this new Yatra ad has been getting mixed response from the netizens.

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