On his 86th Birth anniversary, here are some stories about the legendary Kishore Kumar that will give you a glimpse to the maverick side of this ultimate the star. Happy Birthday Kishore Da!

Kishore Kumar in his younger days was fascinated by K.L. Saigal and considered him his Guru. He used to save his pocket money to buy Saigal's records. Kishor often used to copy his style of singing. Unfortunately, the two never met. Once SD Burman heard KL Saigal's voice coming out of the bathroom in Ashok Kumar's house, he asked who was the singer. After knowing it was Kishore, he appreciated his singing, but also advised him not to ape Saigal and develop his own singing style. And the rest as they say. is history.

Kishore initially was reluctant to act, but was too frightened to rebel against the star elder brother Ashok Kumar - who wanted him to become a popular hero. He tried very hard getting out of it and started acting weird and funny, so that no producer would take him in his movie. Instead of rejecting him, they all loved his acting style as it would make people laugh. Result, Kishore and his style became instant hit. In one of his popular film - Padosan, he mimicked his mama (maternal uncle) with long hair, kohled eyes and constant paan chewing. He was so perfect in his act that both Mehmood and Sunil Dutt felt that he was stealing the show and they got down to working on their looks and accent.

Kishore Kumar wouldn't smoke or drink, didn't have friends and would hardly socialize. But he loved his solitude and his plants the most. Kishore had put a “Beware of Kishore” sign at the entrance of his flat. Once, the producer-director H. S. Rawail visited his flat to pay the dues. Kishore Kumar took the money and when Rawail offered to shake hands with him, Kishore bit his hand and asked Rawail - “Didn’t you see the sign?”.

A madcap genius, fiercely committed to the bizarre and the outrageous. He carefully nurtured his image as a strange, unpredictable man. Once a producer paid him half in advance and said that he would like to pay the rest once the film is completed. The very next day, Kishore Kumar shocked everybody when he appeared with half of his head and mustache shaved. He told the producer that he would continue appearing like this in every shot until he is given the full amount.

Known for his pranks, Kishore da once started pretending as if he had his son accompanying him everywhere. His would talk to himself as his imaginary son in a different voice. If he didn’t like a song while recording, he would say in a child-like voice, "baba yeh gana achha nahi hai". Then he would reply in his normal voice, "nahin beta aise nahi bolte, ghar pe jake bolna". In another crazy incident, Kishore Kumar once drove straight to Khandala from the film set by his car. The director apparently forgot to say “CUT” in a car scene where Kishore was supposed to drive. Kishore Kumar started the car and kept driving.

You can't stop singing or humming along when listening to Kishore Kumar songs. See this incredible live performance of the king of live singing. Enjoy!

Story by: Shitanshu

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