Terms of Use

    This policy set forth the terms of use with respect to the News18 Citizen Journalist website ("Website"), the manner in which the user generated content ("UGC") is shared on the Website and the terms associated with such UGC.
  • What is UGC?

    UGC, also commonly known as 'citizen journalism', 'social media' or 'participatory media', refers to a wide variety of media content that is produced by our audiences as opposed to content made by News18 or CNN News18 ("us" or "we" or "our"), independent production companies or individual contributors commissioned by us.
    In recent years UGC has expanded due to developing technologies that are now readily available, including digital video and images, mobile text messages, blogging, message boards, emails and audio submissions.
    'UGC', as referred to in these terms of use and covered by the News18's community guidelines, FAQ's, privacy policy and disclaimer (collectively referred to as "News18 Policies"), includes any content produced by our audiences/users which is submitted to or shared with us either directly or indirectly.
  • What rights are you granting us to use your work?

    You are granting us a licence, or permission, to use your work, but you still own the work. Further, the rights to use UGC granted to us are non-exclusive which means that you can continue to use your content as you like including the ability to also allow others to use it.
    Further you provide us with permission to use any UGC submitted to/shared with us free of charge across any of our services both in India and worldwide.
    To be able to use your content (such as showcasing a photo on the Website) we need sufficient rights to use the material as proposed by individual UGC projects.
    These terms also include the ability for us to be able to sub-license UGC to trusted third parties such as other international broadcasters in the case of news UGC, and/or trusted third parties such as local councils or other public bodies if requested and for appropriate purposes.
    If we share any of your content with any of our trusted partners, we will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that they do not alter your material in any way or allow them to provide it to other Indian broadcasters or to the print media.
    While UGC may on occasion be included in our services that may be licensed to other international broadcasters, and international users of the Website may see some advertising around certain pages of the Website, any such use of user content is incidental and we do not directly generate any revenue from individual pieces of UGC.
  • What rights do you retain in your work when you submit it to us?

    If you submit any content to or share any material with us (including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio) you will retain the copyright in your work. As the non-exclusive licence to us is only a permission for us to use (and potentially sub-license) the content you can also continue to use your content in any way you wish including using it yourself and/or allowing others to use it.
    Additionally, you represent and warrant to us that you have the full legal right, power and authority to grant to us the license provided for herein, that you own or control the UGC you submitted for the purposes contemplated in this license and that neither the materials nor the exercise of the rights granted herein shall infringe upon or violate the right of privacy or right of publicity of, or constitute a libel or slander against, or violate any applicable law or any other right of, any person or entity
  • What do you need to do when submitting material to us?

    When you submit content to or share material with us, you must only submit/share your own original content or if your content does contain the work(s) of others (e.g. music, images and/or video) you must have obtained the necessary rights or permissions to use that material. If your content clearly identifies anyone else you will need to ensure that they have consented to the content being used by us for the purposes for which you submitted it and/or any other uses by us. Where your content clearly identifies children you must ensure that their parent or guardian has provided the consent set out above.
    We also require that you do not submit/share any content that is defamatory, offensive or unlawful in any way. Any inappropriate content will be rejected or taken down by us. If in doubt, please do not share your content with us.
  • Will we credit you when we use your material?

    We will use our reasonable endeavours to credit any UGC submitted to or shared with us where that content features in or is showcased on any of our services. Unfortunately for operational and technical reasons this is not always possible. For example, where an individual image is included within a television programmeweare unlikely to be able to credit the copyright owner of that image
    Where you share your content with us that is located on a third party website such as Flickr, YouTube, Twitter or MySpace we will also use our reasonable endeavours to link back to the original location of that content where technically and editorially possible.
    If you would prefer for us not to credit you for whatever reason please let us know when submitting your material.
  • Will we amend your contribution at all?

    In the majority of instances, we do not amend, edit or alter any material submitted to or shared with us. Due to technical or operational limitations we may have to slightly amend content such as cropping images to be able to use them. We will use our reasonableendeavours not to make any significant editorial amendments to your work without your consent.
    Where we share any UGC with any trusted third parties we will also use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that they do not alter your material in any material way.
  • How long will we keep your contribution?

    We will generally only keep your content for as long as is reasonably required for the purpose(s) for which it was submitted. For example, we will only keep copies of entries to a photographic competition for the duration of the competition. However other projectsmay have a longer, or even permanent, duration. Additionally, if in our view we are required to keep the content,we may retain for prolonged periods of time or potentially indefinitely in our archives.
  • When and why will we contact you in relation to your UGC?

    We may need to contact you to authenticate or verify your content and/or obtain further information about your work. If we are unable to contact you we may be unable to use your content for the particular purpose for which it was submitted. If, for whatever reason, we cannot accept your content or have to reject it if it breaches the News18 Policies, we will use our reasonable endeavours to let you know.
  • Does we pay you for user generated content?

    No, we do not pay for any user generated content.
  • Will your content be used by us?

    We receive a large amount of content in various forms every day. Given the large quantities of content submitted/shared, unfortunately we cannot use every individual piece of content. We therefore try to take a selection of the content that is submitted or shared with us and showcase as much of the best content as possible.


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