Ashish Nandal turns Citizen Journalist and describes how a fun trip to Ladakh turned horribly wrong for him and his friends. It was in mid July that Ashish along with his family and friends went on a 15 day short sojourn to the Land of mystic Lamas. He had a great time in Ladakh but it was short lived. On their way back their private vehicles were stone pelted and smashed with iron rods and stones by taxi owners association. After coming back to Delhi he and his friends shared videos and pictures of the attack on facebook and You tube.

The citizen Journalist team came across this video that had already gone viral. Similar sentiments were being echoed by other tourists as well. It was then that we sensed that this was not a stand alone incident. Many tourists had been attacked by the local taxi owners association because they had taken their private vehicles to Ladakh. The CJ team also got to know that the Taxi owners association and other such groups held a silent protest in Ladakh after few days.

The incident came as a big shock to him and his friends and they were left shaken for days after the incident. The reason for this attack is not known yet. We are trying to get reaction from the taxi owners in ladakh and hear their side of the story.

Ashish feels if there are genuine concerns on their part, there are other ways of dealing with it and resorting to violence is not the way. If this is the way tourists are treated in Ladakh tourism in this part of India will suffer a huge setback, says Ashish. Watch him on the CJ+ saying that all is not well in Ladakh for the tourists.

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