As a part of a CJ initiative we decided to do a status check on the conditions of government schools in Delhi. We visited five schools in Trilokpuri, East Delhi, our aim was to understand the conditions and daily routine of these institutions. As we entered, the first observation we made was that these schools had no security guards at the gate, and any trespasser could easily walk in and out of the premises. And within a few minutes of us at the site, we were surrounded by school boys aged between 7-15, voicing out their grievances, they clearly needed an outlet. As we dwelled further we realized these schools lack basic amenities – such as electricity, drinking water and even utilities! Not just the students but even the parents on campus were infuriated by the lack of basic facilities and infrastructure. On enquiring further we go to know that there were no teachers or faculty for most of the periods in a day. AK Shukla, The Principal of Rajkiya Sarvodya Bal Vidayala confirmed this by telling us that they had a 50% shortage of staff. And the same school’s primary wing has been without a Principal for over 6 months there was no sign of any replacement yet. KDR Primary School was the second school we visited and the apathy of students and parents continues to be a horrid tale. We learnt that there was no source of water in the school, and no this wasn’t an end to this appalling situation. There were utilities in the campus but only for the staff members to use and the student nexus had to relieve themselves outside the school walls, because the toilets have either been locked or not in usable condition. This sight was an infrastructural disaster! With no electricity for days and dearth of chairs and desks. Adding to woes of the students’ problems, there was large garbage dump merely 10 metres away from the entrance of the primary school. Many government educational endeavors have been successful in the city, a good example would be the University of Delhi. One can only hope that the new government will prioritise and look into the functioning of these institutions; for it is this youth that shall carry forth the country tomorrow.

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