The Metropolitan Rapid Transit System (MRTS) in Chennai run by the Southern Railways is in a state of neglect. One gets the impression that the Southern Railway authorities are operating the MRTS on BOF (Build Operate and Forget) basis. Even a cursory inspection of the various railway stations will confirm this as the photographs will substantiate our observations.

The railing are broken, windows have no glasses, lack of security at the entrances, poor lighting and equipment like escalators, lifts etc working on and off all leads one to this conclusion that the Railway.

The Mylai railway station, the one of the staircase landing is used as public urinal and there is insufficient lights on the passage and entrance leading to the railway platform. There are no security personnel or railway staff deployed for public to see.

The situation has the potential to encourage criminal activities including chain snatching and molestation and other serious offences. In the interest of public safety, authorities have to wake up to the situation to avoid any untoward incidents.

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