It is often asked- who can be a citizen journalist? What does it take to be one? I have learnt, in these few months that I have been a part of CJ+ team, that it is pure determination and the spirit of “never giving up” that makes an ordinary citizen transform into a Citizen Journalist.

Dr. A Rehman is one such citizen who wrote to us on about how a huge dump yard in Ghaziabad, Indrapuram was making the life of the residents difficult. He sent us pictures and videos that he had collected over a period of three years of the unauthorized dumping ground right next to his residential society.

After the CJ+ team contacted him, I came to know of the many letters of complaints written by him that had fallen on the deaf ears of the authorities. For three years Rehman had continued his fight, continued to knock on the doors of the authorities- but not given up.

On day of the site visit, I saw the expanse of this dumping yard, smelt the stench of rotting garbage and interacted with other residents who shared the same woes as Rehman.

Rehman, thus became a citizen journalist. So close to his heart was this issue that he spoke extempore in front of the camera. As a reporter on ground, I guided him through the sequence of the report. Dr. Rehman’s passion for his fight to a clean environment is evident in the final report as well.

With the CJ plus camera and mike, we also helped Rehman confront the GDA officials. This is just the start of this fight. We will continue to track this story, following up on the issue with our Citizen Journalist.

Like Dr. A .Rehman you too can raise your voice and fight back .You can reach us on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on WhatsApp at +91 8800591092.

Story: Mehak Zubair

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