Netaji Nagar is an almost 35-year old housing society which was established by HUDCO in 1978 and meant for people of LIG and MIG category. This complete society was built on total area off apprx. 11 acres, out of which the actual construction is only on 7 acres of land and rest of the land is empty and used as play ground and a garden.

For all these years the empty land was a part of our Society and suddenly Mhada decided to place their claim on this land, a claim which most of the Society members are opposing.  A few Board members of the Society,  along with Mr. Nimbalkar (A Mhada official who has repeatedly threatened many people from Society) and a few politicians were able to claim stake on this land, and the land was given to Mhada by the government. We have objected to this and the legal case is pending in the High Court.

The common people staying in the society feel that a Local Land mafia, Mhada officials and a few politicians and some greedy members have joined hands and want to hand over this property to some builder (approx rate in this area is Rs.5500/- per sq.feet.) and earn good amount of money from this land deal.  But they are not thinking of many middle class and lower middle class people who have spent their entire lifetime here.  Many people who are opposing this move are being threatened by goons and there is tremendous pressure from a certain politician to take this land and build a huge housing scheme, which will benefit only them.

Although the matter is pending in the High Court, on 29.05.13 Mhada came with a huge police force and forcibly took possession of this piece of land.  We did a huge protest opposing this move, however the brutal police force was used on common people and senior citizens. Old women in their sixties and seventies were taken into custody along with almost 200 members of the society.

Mr.Mahadev Baber of Shiv Sena and his colleagues have joined in our fight against this injustice done to us. However absence of local corporator Mr. Prashant Jagtap of (NCP) and The M.L.A Mr. Ramesh Bagve (Congress), who is incidentally elected from our ward is in question. Where are these politicians when such injustice is being done to the people in their respective wards?

The next hearing on this matter is on 14.06.13 and we will wait for the decision of the same. But each and every member who cares for this society will take this fight till the end and ensure that Mhada will not be successful.

An eyewitness video from the protest:


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