Complaint to Delhi Traffic Police and SSP Traffic Noida on 9th May, 2013:

Today morning, while I was waiting for the school bus for my 4 yr. old daughter; the BUS NUMBER: DL 1P C 2274, a private bus (light brown color) hired by “APJ School Noida” was found to be used for other passengers in the name of school duty as “APJ 6” card was on the windscreen of the bus; in its drive to take up maximum passengers he blocked the movement of the Mayoor School Noida bus behind my car and threatened to smash-up my car which was duly parked on the left side of the road at least 15 meters from the corner of the road and intimidated me for severe consequences; the road of Sector-56 Noida is so broad that 4 buses can accommodate comfortably BUT he was adamant on removing my car. Even he was continuously provoking the bus-driver of Mayoor School Noida to smash my car to make way for his bus.

His offence:

1. He cannot use “APJ-6” after school duty while he is using the bus to board other passengers.

2. He cannot deliberately obstruct the movement of other School Bus and harass law-abiding citizens.

3. He cannot threaten to smash any vehicle to make his way on the road and intimidate people.

4. He cannot provoke other vehicle drivers to smash other vehicles to make their way.

• This kind of mentality on road can create crime any day hence the license of the driver must be confiscated so that he cannot drive on the road to do deliberate accidents on the road.

• With his provoking he can make other drivers to do crimes on the road.

• In the recent past Bus drivers like him created several heinous crimes in Delhi-NCR and one in Pune City was given death-sentence by Honorable Supreme Court hence it is our responsibility to take immediate action to stop the possibility of future crimes.

• Also, the permit, fitness and other legal requirements of the said bus must be checked by the competent authority.

• The transporter and the school must be given instruction to follow the rules stringently.

The law abiding citizens request immediate action against these people so that it becomes a lesson for others.

“APJ School Noida Landline No. 01202515141 and its Transport Incharge Mr. Chauhan’s mobile no. 9871713479”

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