"Rape victims can give gut wrenching accounts of their traumatic experience, victims of death are normally much more silent"

Yet the question of rape being much worse than Death is being discussed in National Television. Its not entirely justified to hang a murderer and the whole nation wants to hang rapists?

Celebs are tweeting for the death to the culprits along with a gazillion fans echoing their sentiments. Apparently, one brutal rape case doesn't bring enough positivity in the country, now we need emotionally enraged blood-thirsty mobs who want to deny a fair trial to the four culprits. In Norway, Anders Berring shot 79 kids in cold blood and blew the heads off 20 others and in 10 years, he will walk free on bail, and in these 10 years, he will be treated as a human, not a rabid dog which perfectly fits as the mascot to represent the social image of the above-mentioned rapists.

Yes, there's absolutely no denying that they are brutal adulterers but that doesn't mean they are dead men walking.

Yes, there's absolutely no denying that we need to issue a response to prevent such cases occurring in the future but that doesn't mean that the response needs to be irrational. The fact that such responses have generally been issued in Nazi Germany,Saddam's Iraq and Nobody's Afghanistan doesn't sit too well with the conscience.

The politicians and celebs are playing the role of Marc Antony enticing the crowd to revenge Caesar's death, maybe that was a valid form of judiciary at that point in time, but we've progressed, even India, progressed to a level where we give every person a fair trial which is consistent with the books.

The politicians and the cops are loving this "Hang 'em all" philosophy of the Indian Educated crowd as its less work for them. Instead of taking painstaking measures at the grass root level they can just scare criminals off with skeletons and win over votes in the same way the celebs can win over fans by making emotionally provocative statements which stand to no other reason than seeming sensational.

To end it all, it needs to be reminded to the public that the rapists are technically human beings who have committed a morally wrong deed and not the personifications of Oxford Dictionary's word: Evil. The Case needs to be handled professionally as if there had been zero public demand. After witnessing people rejoicing Kasab's death and waiting for the death of the 4 other people, I remind myself that our holy scripts themselves glorify killing in the name of greater good (Dusshera). These 4 people are no-doubt rapists among possibly thousand of rapists who have ever existed but they don't represent rape as an action. Killing them doesn't kill rape. We need other measures like psychological analysis of these people and try to solve that. That is called being civilized, not taking an eye for an eye.

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