Respected Prime Minister,

I as the citizen of this country would like to ask is any girl safe in this country? When democracy is for, by and of the people, why can't the law be made for, by and of the people? Why can't there be brutal punishment for rapists as the other countries like Saudi Arabia? Why? Why? Like any other woman my mind is full of whys. Every girl and woman are scared to step out from there home and in this situation how can you make us feel safe? I would like to give some suggestions so that we can at least feel safe to step out of our homes.

1) Compulsory sex education for all girls and boys from the adolescent age group.

2) There should be brutal punishment like castration or hanging till death to keep a fear in their mind before thinking of assaulting any women .

3) I know that this country cannot ban alcohol. But there should be strict rules saying that one person will be provided with a minimum amount of alcohol in which he can maintain his consciousness.

4)Every city should have a maximum patrolling after 6 pm.

5) There should be a set up of helpline number of two or three digit in every city so that if a girl faces any problem she can at least make a call immediately. There should be a technology in which the call has to be traced in which location it is and it should be informed to the nearby police station so that they can reach immediately to that location.

6) All TV advertisements, item songs in movies depicting vulgarity about women should be banned.

7) All women should have the right to protect herself by keeping some things like pepper spray, chilly powder or licensed weapons or any other thing .

8)There should be big big posters and banners teaching everyone to respect women. Advertise punishment in that banner to drill keep fear into rapists.

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